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Yancheng Cyber Service and Support

Satisfying customer needs is top priority at Yancheng Cyber. Whether there is a technical / operational question, custom design requirement or call to service equipment in the field, Yancheng Cyber Engineering and Service Centers are strategically located worldwide to support your operations. With large inventories of replacement parts available,spares can be rapidly shipped to where they may be needed. Factory-trained technicians, deployed from Yancheng Cyber Service Centers, also perform comprehensive site assessments, reconditioning and upgrading of existing equipment. Recognizing the mission-critical nature of our customers’ operations, world-class Yancheng Cyber service facilities and highly trained, experienced service technicians are available 24/7 to support Yancheng Cyber equipment and systems in the field. The Yancheng Cyber comprehensive service program reduces the risk of downtime while increasing safety.

Quality Control


To make a difference in the communities in which Yancheng Cyber operates by providing a world-class organization that develops a way of existence and sets the pinnacle of standards in all walks of life, whether at work or in society, to ensure future generations healthy, stable, and fruitful lives.


To service the oil & gas industry by providing relentless reliability in our products and fulfilling our customer’s ” wish lists” by continuously designing and developing innovative features that will reduce the end users’ maintenance and increase overall safety and production.


The policy of Yancheng Cyber is to maintain a Health, Safety, and Environmental Program by conforming to regulatory standards and best practices while providing a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment for its employees and customers.

Quality Policy Statement

The primary purpose of Yancheng Cyber Oilfield Equipment Co.,Ltd. is to provide products and services that meet the customer’s needs and provide them with value. This philosophy will create gainful work for our employees and a profit for our company. Yancheng Cyber is dedicated to providing the best possible product and service to our customers by having well-trained, enthusiastic employees and the effective implementation of this management system.
It is the policy of Yancheng Cyber Oilfield Equipment Co.,Ltd. to:
• Operate in a safe, consistent and economical manner.
• Maintain conformance to the documented quality management system, including the applicable industry codes, standards and /or specifications and customer-specified requirements.
• Maintain compliance to statutory and regulatory requirements.
• Prevent nonconformities at all stages of design and manufacturing by implementing the requirements of this manual and supporting procedures.
• Ensure customer satisfaction.
• Foster an environment of continual improvement.
• Communicate this policy throughout Yancheng Cyber Oilfield Equipment Co.,Ltd. and ensure that it is understood.
• Aggressively pursue the Mitigation of systemic Risk™ through the implementation of this management system.
• Monitor and periodically review the management system, including stated objectives and this policy for suitability and effectiveness.